Wise Old Owl Publications


Wise Old Owl Publications is my way to reach out to fellow survivors. 

I am Annette (AB) Long. I had a bad start in life growing up in an extremely violent home. As I look back I can only see one reason I survived such an abusive beginning. To help other survivors. Throughout life, I turned again and again to reading, writing, and photography to make it through and help me heal. I am finally ready to share my story and my journey with you. I wish to offer the tiny glimmer of hope everyone needs at times when the path feels cold and dark. Sharing my story is the next step in my recovery and this website will grow as I grow. My goal here and in life is to help just one survivor. 


To help everyone, especially survivors, positively face the challenges of life through books and art.


I fell in love with photography in High School. Standing next to the tray as the instructor placed a piece of paper in the developer on my first day of basic photography I watched the image of a cat slowly appeared on the once blank paper. I said to myself, "this is magic," and I was hooked. After years of studying photography and working as a professional photo finisher and photographer, I  freelance now specializing in portrait and pet photography.


Writing has always been part of my life but I have only recently decided to share it. I am published on Kindle and available on Amazon. The Wise Old Owl was the first book I ever wanted to share publicly and to this day is my inspiration. Today you will find seven children's books and ten coloring books for sale on Amazon. Although, all of the books are going through a facelift and second edition printing. 

Watch for the story of my life and healing journey, Out of the Shadow, Into the Sun, coming soon. 



The Magic Meadow

When Cynthia Simpson was kidnapped she found a strength she never knew she had deep inside her own mind. She escapes into Myslin (my vision) a magic meadow of her own creation. Meet wonderful characters like The Wise Old Owl, Grandma Witch, Jenny and Johnny, and Oreo, the miniature dragon. With their help, Cynthia learns about friendship and trust facing her fears.

The continuing Adventures of Bernadette Ice

Introducing Bernadette Ice the magical private investigator for kids. Even though only kids can call her she helps with big, real life problems. In Where Did Grandpa Go Bernadette Ice is asked to find out where a loved one goes after death.  Did the kids ask her an impossible question to answer? How will she figure out what to tell them?


Check out all my books for sale at amazon.com/author/ablong.

Color Me Calm.....

Storybooks - a children's story illistrated with coloring book pages allowing you to be part of the story. Look for The Mouse Who Had No Cheese At All, Life of a Dung Beetle, and The Wise Old Owl.

Coloring Books- designed from country and city landscapes alike. Look for subjects like Wyoming Trails, Las Vegas, and Wildflowers.


A fun short story with a very interesting plot line.  Enjoyable to read. This story is very entertaining and really imaginative. The author does a good job of capturing your attention but doesn’t waste a bunch of words or space in unneeded “filler” to get the story across. I like that the story is different from other books and movies. Some humor is injected as well, and it’s just a fun story to read without wasting a bunch of time I don’t have. Keep up the good work, hope to see more stories soon.  

Steve from Denver

  I think this short story is well written and once you start reading you want to keep reading to see what happens next. Then by the time you know it you are done with the short story.
Marcy for Wyoming